David Beckham in His Underwear

David Beckham is undoubtedly one of the sexiest men alive, and here he is prooving it modelling Armani underwear! Both Victoria and David Beckham have signed on to work with Armani for a campaign, lucky for all of us they are modelling undergarments and not clothes. A series of shots have been released showing the super sexy soccer stud laying in erotic positions with his package bulging out beneath barely there underwear. His body looks incredible in these shots, as it always does, and our favorites are the ones where he wraps himself up with a big rope as he stares the camera down. The photos were probably taken at two different times, since in some he's sporting his usual shaved head, but in some he's got a slick comb over thing going on. Only David Beckham could make a oily combover look sexy, it's probably because we are all so focused on starring at his delicious body and crotch rather than wasting time looking at his hair. Tattoos cover a large part of his body, and Armani made a good decision to work with them to ad to the sex appeal rather than cover them up. One question we have is, did he stuff or is that all him down there? Judging from the type of person David is, and the authenticity of these ads, it's probably all him. It's clear that his cock is enormous, and he is leaving not a lot to the imagination with these underwear ads. We can't wait to be driving down the road and see one of these pictures on a billboard, they better have their lawyers ready for lawsuits because traffic accidents are bound to happen!

David Beckham Cheating Allegations

david beckham and posh spice

David Beckham is no stranger to girls coming out of the woods claiming they crawled into bed with the sexy athlete. The tabloids are always plastered with pictures of random whores making claims that David cheated with them, but there's never any truth to the stories according to David himself. Call girl Irma Nici has made claims that she spent 5 hardcore nights with Beckham in 2007 in which she charged 10k per night, ya right! This girl looks like pure trash, as if David would cheating on his gorgeous wife with something like that. Posh is preggo with baby #4, clearly things at Beckhingham palace are still hot and heavy. David and his legal team are firing back at the magazine that printed the story, refusing to sit back and let them print trash that has no truth behind it. We are sure that all these allegations are hard for a marriage to deal with, but the Beckhams are strong and always come out on top. David's career is flourishing, and after such a successful underwear campaign with Armani there are rumors he will be starting his own line of mens' underwear! Imagine that, more pictures of David in his underwear so we can all get a few more glimpses of his famous crotch. The best part about these underwear photos is that we get all the goodness of D-Becks without having to hear his squeaky voice! Win-win

David Beckham Cheating Scandal

Poor David Beckham has been accused of cheating on his wife (again, the couple went through the same thing years ago). In Touch Magazine is claiming that a high end prostitute has accused Beckham of using her services. David, with Victoria by his side, is fighting back. Bring on the lawsuit! We don't care what the outcome is legally, we just hope some naked pictures of the gorgeous soccer superstar get leaked so we get a peak!

David Beckham Naked Armani Ads

david beckham armani

David Beckham has been shooting some pretty risque photos for Armani, and in the picture above you can quite clearly make out David Beckham's dick in his tight Armani underwear.  Enjoy!!


david beckham naked

Men and women everywhere are sure to appreciate the body of David Beckham.  Luckily he's not afraid to show it off, so naked David Beckham photos are all over the web!  We have compiled a list of David Beckham's naked pictures, many of which you can see inside!

david beckham gay

Could David Beckham be gay?  This photo of David Beckham's naked ass is quite enticing!  Sexy male celebrities willing to pose for this shot are not very common, so do enjoy!

David Beckham